BBL Phototherapy

Many of you have heard of IPL photofacials -Intense pulsed light. This older technology used nonspecific wavelengths of light for treatment. Most recently we have introduced BBL PhotoRejuvenation – Broad Band Light therapy in which we can target different pigmented lesions and vessels with a specific wavelength. Every pigment in your body has a wavelength of light that it specifically absorbs. This cutting edge technology makes all other forms of IPL obsolete. BBL can be used to treat brown spots, red spots, broken blood vessels even acne and rosacea. We routinely treat the face and body, even the spots on the back of your hands. Recently, we have pioneered a protocol to take the redness out of your scars. BBL requires no downtime although some people experience minor swelling for the first 24 hrs. Over the following week the treated pigmented lesions come up to the surface of your skin and fall off. Think of it as a reset and rejuvenation for your skin without any downtime.