Super Sculpt

Super Sculpt is the name of a procedure offered here at Boca Peel that’s great for anyone interested in revolumization of the mid face or anyone who wants those supermodel cheekbones. Let’s take a closer look at this procedure.
The procedure is great for men and women looking for those supermodel cheekbones and jaw lines. For this method, we use Radiesse or calcium hydroxyapatite, which is a naturally occurring product composed of calcium and phosphorus. The material is injected deep along the cheekbones and jaw line. Its effects are instantaneous, so patients are able to appreciate the differences in their faces right away. Radiesse is long lasting, it stimulates new collagen formation over time so that its effects can last anywhere between 9 and 18 months. This collagen mimics the volume of the shrunken facial fat pads thus lifting the overlying tissue and giving a more youthful appearance. Side effects are few and include swelling and redness in the injected area for a few days. Bruising can occur, but is typically rare. Overall, this procedure is very well tolerated with minimal downtime.

Sculptra A.I. (Sculptra Age Indeterminate Treatment)

Sculptra Aesthetic a biocollagen stimulator that’s great for revolumizing the face and restoring a more youthful appearance. Let’s take a close look at this procedure.
Sculptra Aesthetic is composed of a synthetic sugar molecule known as Poly-L-lactic acid. With Precise Sculpt, we inject the product into the deep fat pads and along the bone in several areas of the face allowing for a full face rejuvenation. It is great for patients who are seeking to revolumize sunken or gaunt cheeks, temples which have become hollow with age, and to smooth wrinkles from bone resorption around the mouth. Some of the advantages to Precise Scuplt are that the results are gradual and very natural appearing as well as long lasting. The product itself dissolves into CO2 and water over the first two month, but during that period the product stimulates a volumetric expansion of new collagen and elastic fibers to counteract volume loss from bone and fat. Clinical trials have shown the sculpture corrections can be maintained for up to two years.
In addition to correcting volume loss, after this procedure, many patients note that their skin appears thicker and more luminous. This is an added bonus secondary to all of the new collagen that has been producing. Overall, this is a great procedure for anyone with facial volume loss looking for a natural and more youthful appearance. Side effects are rare, but include mild swelling and bruising. Rarely, nodules can form, but tend to resolve on their own. For this reason, we encourage the patient to massage the treated areas for five minutes five times a day for five days.

Botox Elite

Our injectors have literally taught the course to their fellow physicians on how to inject. Over their careers they have realized what product works best where and have developed “The Botox Elite treatment” at Boca Peel utilizes a combination of Botox and Dysport. We target the three areas most commonly injected. The first area is the glabella, or area between the eyebrows. Muscles in this area are responsible for pulling the eyebrows down and inward causing frown lines to form and become etched into the skin over time. Relaxing these muscles prevents further etching in of the lines and has the added effect of elevating the eyebrows slightly to give a refreshed appearance.
Next, the forehead is treated with small amounts of Dysport and Botox to relax the muscle fibers responsible for the common horizontal worry lines. Regular treatment of this area can help prevent deepening of these lines over time. It can also soften static lines that are present. Lastly, we inject the lateral orbicularis oculi muscles, which are responsible for the crow’s feet that are visible when smiling. The treatment is quick and simple with no down time and lasts between three to six months. It is a great treatment for active lines and to prevent the formation of deeper wrinkles. Most importantly, each patient’s anatomy is assessed prior to the procedure and injections are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs.