Laser Resurfacing


Your Stratum Corneum is the outermost layer of your epidermis – it is composed of dead cells which act as a barrier to protect what’s beneath. Resurfacing this layer evens out skin irregularity and gives you a fresh appearance. This can be done in the center without topical anesthesia and you may return to work immediately. We call this laser resurfacing our REVIVE PEEL.


The majority of blemishes sit in most superficial layers of the skin. We can safely remove all of the Epidermis and a portion of the most superficial layer of your Dermis. This superficial dermis is called your Papillary Dermis, which is composed mostly of collagen fibers. All of the sun damage and wrinkles that are incorporated at this level are removed. Depending on your personal goals and your allowable downtime we will custom tailor the depth. We call this peel the REGENERATION PEEL and we prefer to maximize your result by combining this peel with our FRACTIONAL LASER treatment.


If we laser resurface down to the lowest layer of the dermis called the reticular dermis we can effect greater change. This is composed of dense irregular connective tissue composed of densely packed collagen fibers. With this depth comes increased recovery and risk but the results can be astounding with decades of aging vanishing with one treatment. When combined with the FRACTIONAL LASER we call this the REPRIME PEEL.


Historically laser resurfacing beyond the adnexal structures [hair follicles, sweat and sebaceous glands] meant certain scarring. Today by splitting the laser beam into multiple smaller beams [Fractions] we can ablate deep holes which spare these structures and heal quickly because they are surrounded by a cuff of healthy tissues. This is called a FRACTIONAL LASER procedure and it allows us to safely go today where we could not go before.


We believe we have entered into a new dawn of regenerative medicine. While many procedures and claims are out there what is generally agreed upon is that Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) contains wound healing and growth factors. Because we are disrupting the barrier to your skin especially with the fractional laser, we have a unique situation where the product can actually penetrate into the dermis to have effect. We use PRP in conjunction with laser resurfacing and fractional laser treatment to speed your recovery and improve your aesthetic gains.